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Maintenance Guide to Kitchen Sink Blockage

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A guide to a range of kitchen Sink Issues and their maintenance

A well-developed plumbing system is a basic necessity of every kitchen. While the plumbing system might be set properly when the kitchen is being built, they require timely and continuous maintenance for them to keep running smoothly. However, generally, people don’t take things seriously until there is an actual problem.

Kitchen sink issues include clogged sink, clogged drain, water leakage, improper fixing, weak water pressure, leaky faucets and others. There are various reasons why these issues show up and how a professional blocked sink plumber can help you get out of these common problems. Keep reading this maintenance guide to find out all about them.

Kitchen Sink Issues and their Causes

Clogged Drain: The drains are usually clogged due to the materials that get past the sink filter and sit collected in the pipes. These materials could be food particles, hair, small plastics, oil becoming hard due to cold water and much more. A clogged drain is one of the most challenging issues which require professional assistance from blocked sink plumbers.

Clogged Sink: Clogged sink is basically a continuation of the clogged drain. When the drains are clogged, the wastewater tends to travel reverse into the sink, filling and congesting it further. Sometimes, the situation gets worse, and the sink tends to overflow with wastewater all over the place.

Water Leakage: There can be water leakage around the sink for various reasons like a dent in the pipe, or the visor displacement or worn out washers, etc. If the workers from the kitchen sink installation services did not fit the sink properly, the connecting pipe from underneath the sink could also loosen up to cause water leakage.

Weak Water Pressure: This occurs when there is unwanted material clogged in the pipes. It is usually caused by the rust in the pipes, threads, thickened salts from hard water or any such materials that you find in your overhead tank. These materials get collected on the inner walls of the pipe and without regular maintenance can restrict the flow of water.

Faucet Leakage: Some of the common reasons for faucet leakages include settlement of sediments causing rust and wear & tear, washers or visor displacements, tattered pipe connections and such other kitchen sink spare parts.

Worn-out Piping System: Sometimes there are multiple issues with your kitchen sinks like faucet leakage, clogged drains, sink leakage and much more. This is the indication of a worn-out piping system rather than the sink issue. Meaning, while the sink might still be in proper conditions, it’s the associated piping system that needs replacement.

Solutions to the Kitchen Sink Issues

For best results, we suggest you take help from a skilled blocked sink plumber for the above-mentioned issues.

However, to avoid the issues concerning your sink, you can follow some simple steps:

1. Buy and install a smaller filter onto your sink filter to capture the food materials or anything which could get clogged.

2. These small plastic filters can be removed easily to clean and position back again.

3. Hard water is the reason for salt deposition and heavy rust in the pipes. Use soft water or install softeners to soften the hard water to avoid blockage or leaks.

4. Avoid repairing sink or plumbing-related works by yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. You could end up worsening the matter. Always call an expert blocked sink plumber to fix the issue.

Kitchen Sink Installation Services

Several modern kitchen sink designs are being manufactured and sold currently. From Undermount sinks to Knee operated hand wash sinks, Kitchen Island sinks, and much more options are available today. Accordingly, every design requires assistance from professional kitchen sink installation services to position them correctly.

Hence, for top quality assistance in setting up your sink in Dubai households, get to Toolboys kitchen sink installation services. We come prepared with all the kitchen sink spare parts and required tools to proceed with the installation of all kinds of sinks skilfully.

Benefits from Experts in Kitchen Sink Issues

Experts like Toolboys plumbers come loaded with all the proper tools and kitchen sink spare parts required for installation and repair works. They also assess your issues and buy the items that can help fix the problem. Professionals also offer regular maintenance to your building plumbing works for the items to the last longer and in proper condition.

Toolboys plumbers are available 24/7 for all kinds of plumbing-related services in Dubai. Give us a call!

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