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Drain Blockage- How to get rid of them?

Blocked drains are one hell of a filthy and commonly faced issue everywhere. From bathroom drains to kitchen sinks, washbasin sinks, taps, commode pipes and every other area that requires plumbing, is prone to get clogged. Once clogged, these drain blocks can cause various issues like low water pressure through taps, leakages inside the wall, overflow of drain water in sinks, cracks in walls, and several others. So let’s know how drain blocks are caused and ways to get rid of them.

Common Causes for Blocked Drains 

Hair and other Dirt:

This is one of the most usual reasons for the sink filters as well as the pipes to get clogged. We might clean a bunch of hair or dental floss sitting on top of the sink filters, but we often ignore a few hairs and threads here and there. These tend to escape through filter holes and enter into the drain pipes, collect themselves around the pipes along with other dirt and block the drains.

Food Particles:

Just like hair and dirt particles, food items too tend to escape through the sink filters—food particles along with the oil or grease stick to the walls of the pipe. When you pour cold water, they further hardened to their position, blocking the flow of water.


Sometimes, people tend to flush down used pads or baby diapers down the drain in toilets. While this might work once or twice, it will definitely clog the pipes if you keep doing it multiple times. Toiletries are made out of cotton and plastic. Cotton absorbs water and is hard to push it further down the pipes. It is not right to throw the toiletries down into the toilets even once.

Pet Poop:

Some people throw their pet’s (small animals like cats, tortoise etc) poop into the washbasin sink and hope for it to get flushed away. However, this clogs both the basin filters as well as basin pipes over time.

Cracked Pipes:

Small breaks in pipes allow the growth of plants in and around the pipe. This eventually leads to blockage of the drain through plant roots and stems entering the pipes.

These are just a few instances which cause the blocked drain. However, several more reasons can clog your pipes. At times you can manage to unclog the pipes yourself, however, when the issue gets worse, it is better to call blocked drain service professionals.

How to get rid of Drain Blocks or drain clog?

There are several remedies to get rid of initial minute drain blocks by ourselves at home. These include:

Hot Water + Liquid Dishwasher: Add a few tbsp of liquid dishwasher into a pot full of water and boil them together. Pour this hot solution into your drain to get rid of oil, grease, or any clogged food particles from the kitchen sink drain.

Removing Plants: If the roots and stems of the plant seem to have just started growing and have not gone too deep into the pipe, you can pull it out quickly before the matters get worse.

Plunger: Plungers help in unclogging both kitchen sinks and toilets. Keep them handy.

Vinegar + Baking Soda: Remove all the water from the sink and add half a cup each of baking soda + vinegar. Close the drain with its plug and wait for few minutes for this chemical to open blocked drain. You can then uncover it and pour down hot water to remove any clogged material in the pipes.

How to Avoid Drain Blocks?

Instead of going through all the trouble mentioned above, you can avoid the blockage of pipes in the first place. Just follow these small tips:

1.The bathroom, washbasin and kitchen sink filters can be immediately cleaned whenever you find even little hair or food or any dirt particles on the filters.

2.Instead of throwing pet poops in the washbasin, collect it in paper and throw into the dustbin, or flush it down the toilet.

3.The used napkins and diapers should not be flushed down the toilet. Instead, wrap them in a paper and throw them in the dustbin.

If you live in Dubai and have no time to manage cleaning the drains yourself, you can always call Toolboys blocked drain service professionals. Our plumbers are readily available 24/7 to help you with all kinds of plumbing issues.

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