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Facing circuit breaker trip? How we can fix circuit breaker tripped?

circuit breaker trip

It is common for circuit breakers to trip once in a while when there are fluctuations in the current usage. However, there are some buildings which often face the issue of a tripped electrical panel. This is not something to be taken lightly and must be given appropriate attention at the earliest. But we do know not everyone understands the concept of electric panels, their working and why they trip! Hence, we are bringing you a comprehensive guide about electric or circuit panels and how to deal with them. Keep reading to know all about them.

What are circuit breakers and how they work?

Circuit breaker or Electrical panel is an electrical switch which operates independently whenever there is an overload of current being supplied to the electrical circuits or during instances of short circuits. In these particular conditions, the electrical panel trips and shuts down the electrical supply to the circuits in use, to protect them from being damaged. Sometimes, these are confused with the Fuse since the working principles of both are somewhat similar. However, circuit breakers are different from the fuse.

You can even use these panels as ON/OFF switches. When you turn it OFF, the electric flow to the electronic appliances is obstructed. Then you can uninstall the products, repair them or make necessary changes.

Circuit breaker come in varying size depending on the voltage of the appliances being used. For small-sized products, you can choose to lose voltage panels. However, for heavy-duty appliances, high voltage circuit panels are required.

Reasons for circuit breaker tripping

There are several reasons as to why a circuit breaker gets tripped. These include:

Excess current flow:

When there is an excess flow of current to any device or appliance to the extent that it cannot handle, the circuit breaker acts swiftly and turns itself off. This obstructs the flow of current to the device and keeps it safe.

Electrical Surges:

During rainy season or heavy storms, events such as lightning are common to occur. When sudden lightning strikes, it brings in heavy voltage which might overwhelm your house wiring. In such cases, electrical panel trips and saves the appliances that are in use from high voltage.

Excessive Current Usage:

Sometimes, multiple appliances are being used, during which excess electrical load gets drawn from the power source. The limited power supply, in these cases, doesn’t get distributed into too many loads. This is when a circuit breaker interrupts the process and trips to shut down the power supply altogether.

Short Circuit:

A circuit breaker gets tripped due to a short circuit. When a hot wire comes in contact with a neutral or another hot wire, the short circuit is caused. Due to short circuit, an excess amount of electric current flows causing sparks, fire and smoke.

Ground Fault:

A ground fault takes place when a live wire comes in contact with a grounding wire. This leads to tripping of the electrical panel. At the same time, there can be heated up wires, burnt wires, or even smokes. This process resembles that of short circuit.

How to fix Tripped circuit breaker?

Turn ON Circuit breaker: This is the simplest of all the remedies that can be followed to bring the electric power back into your building. If you have too many heavy-duty appliances ON, we suggest we turn a few of them OFF to stabilise the power distribution. After this, you can proceed to turn the Circuit breaker switch ON.

However, not every situation will be easy, as mentioned above. In such cases, assess the condition before proceeding to turn ON the switch.

Broken trip circuit:

At times, when you turn the circuit breaker ON, it continuously trips to turn OFF the power supply. During such hours, you cannot do much since the problem could be severe. Hence, it is better to call a professional electrician to sort out the issue for you.

Electrical Surges:

Even during the electrical surges caused by heavy rain or storms, we suggest not to approach the circuit breaker. This is because the circuit breaker must not have just tripped, it could be broken, or wires could be cut as well. There are chances of you getting electric shocks or burns due to this. It requires circuit breaker replacement which professionals will be able to manage.

All in all, most of the electrical problems require assistance from a professional electrician. Toolboys electricians and technicians in Dubai are just a call away to provide you assistance in all kinds of electrical issues. Give us a call to get in touch with us.

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