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Water Heater Tank leaking from bottom? Know how to fix it by Best Water Heater Repair Service in Dubai

water heater leakage

Every electrical product tends to get problematic after a few months or years of usage. Water Heater in our bathroom is no different.  We have all faced the issue of water heater tank leaking from the bottom at some point in our lives. At that moment, we even have feared of something unfortunate to happen due to leakage like a blown fuse, breaking of connecting pipes, electric shock, burnt wire smell, water leakage from electric water heater and whatnot. But it is not always that complicated or simple either but definitely needs Water Heater Repair.

There are various reasons why a water heater tank leaks from the bottom. Let’s learn all that is to know along with how to fix the water heater leaking from the bottom!

Reasons for Water Heater Tank Leaking from Bottom

Residue Build-up:

Nowadays, several households make use of hard water for cleaning and bathing purposes. The salts from the hard water often line up and form residues at the bottom and sides of the water heater. This, in turn, causes rust to the heater body from inside and starts corroding from the bottom leading to water leakage.

High Water Pressure:

Too much water pressure could lead to overflowing of the tank. This water flows out through the pressure relief valve placed at the top of the heater. It sometimes comes with a small tube to release the water from the side. While the heater could just be releasing the excess water from the tank through the pressure relief valve, it can appear as if the water is leaking from the bottom of the tank.

Rust on Anode Rod:

The anode rod fixed inside the water heater is built of zinc, magnesium and aluminium. This rod prevents the water tank from getting rusted by absorbing the molecules from the water that cause rust. In the process, the anode rod gets rusted. When the rod is completely rusted, it stops working. This leads to the rust in the water tank and further corrosion. With the corrosion of the water heater, it begins to leak.

Lose or Damaged Drain Valve:

Drain valve is placed at the bottom of the water tank. It is used to drain the water from the tank when you’re removing the water heater for repair or during relocating. However, this hot water tank shut off valve should remain closed other times. Sometimes this valve gets lose due to vibrations from the heater. Other times, it can get damaged through which the water starts leaking.

How to fix Water Heater Bottom Leaking from Bottom?

Now that you know why your water heater tank leaks from the bottom let’s know how to fix it.

Soft water Usage: If there is any chance of avoiding hard water usage, take it. Replace it with soft water connection. Soft water doesn’t contain as much salt content as hard water. Hence, there is usually no sedimentation occurring in the tank. Even if it does, it’s in the long run.

However, if you have no other choice but to use hard water, you can clean your tank once every three months. Remove the salt sediments using vinegar.

Maintain Water Pressure: You can take help from the electricians that come to install the water heater and ask them to maintain proper water pressure. You can even learn where the adjustments are made to maintain proper water pressure for future use.

Replacing Anode Rod: Regular replacement of the anode rod could save from damaging the entire water heater. This, in turn, can help the heater to work longer in good condition.

Drain Valve: Check the drain valve regularly to ensure it’s tightly fit. Sometimes the valve will be broken, which require replacement. Check the company of your water heater and buy that company valve from the stores to replace with the damaged one.

Most of these things can be managed by yourselves if you have some time on your hands. However, not everyone can handle these things by themselves. Sometimes, the heater produces electric shocks too along with leakage. In such hours, you first have to turn off the geyser and call professionals for help. If you’re a resident of Dubai, you can call Toolboys – Best Electrician Dubai any time during 24/7.

Toolboys technicians are ever ready to help the residents of Dubai with water heater issues. Our technicians come with essential tools and knowledge to manage all kinds of water heater issues. Along with repair works, we even undertake installation and uninstalling works of the water geysers.

So give Toolboys technicians a call!

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