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Tile Installation & Grouting is the process of inserting grout mixture into the gaps or the connecting parts between two tiles of the buildings and other pavements. The usual grout mixture is made out of sand, cement and water. However, this is not the only mixture that is used in Mason Work. Depending on the area/room of the building and tiles equipped there, different grout mixtures are used. Also, more than one type of grout can be used for a single tile and area.

So let’s know all about tile grouting and which type you can choose for your different building spaces.

Grout Types for Perfect Tiling in Dubai

Cementitious Grouts:

The usual grout mixture of sand, cement and water is known as cementitious grouts. This mortar is made up of two types based on the sand material- Sanded and Unsanded. Sanded cementitious grout comes with slightly larger sand particles and is used between tile spaces that are more than 1/8 inch. Unsanded grouts, on the other hand, have smooth-textured sand particles. This grout is used between tile spaces that come with 1/16 to 1/8 inch gap. This type of grout can be used for floor grouting and pavements, to fix granite and ceramic tiles.

Epoxy Grouts:

A mixture of epoxy resins, silica fillers, and hardener forms the Epoxy Grouts. There is no water used in this mixture. This grout makes it impossible for any kind of moisture or liquid to penetrate through the seal. Hence, it is best used in places where the flow of water is regular, like in the entire bathroom, kitchen walls and countertops. These are also strain-resistant, which make them perfect for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Furan Resin Grouts:

Furan is made up of furan resin along with filler powder and an acid catalyst. The composition procedure is similar to Epoxy grout. However, there is one exception wherein Furan uses fortified alcoholic polymers which are extremely chemical resistant. In this mixture, too, there is no inclusion of water. Furan Resin grout is best applicable along with granite tiles and other brick pavements.

Other Inclusions to consider while choosing Grout

Coarse Sand:

In case if the gap between two tiles is more prominent, you can choose the Sanded grouting process. In this process, make sure to use bigger sand particles. The rough sand particles tend to hold the grout and tiles together for a longer period and do not break or severe the link easily.

No Scrape:

Epoxy grout doesn’t cause any scratches or scrapes on the tiles. However, before settling for one, it is advised to check on a small portion just to be sure.

Commercial Building:

For large commercial buildings like malls, schools, offices, factories, labs etc. Furan grout is the preferred choice.

Tile Sealing:

Sanded grout is porous, which easily attracts dust and dirt particles. Hence, it is always recommended to seal it once the grouting is done.


All the grouts can be used plainly, or you can add pigments to suit them to your tile colour. This gives an excellent unified look to the room. You can even play with the pigments to give contrasting features to your tile and grout.

Tiling Maintenance in Dubai

No matter what grouting you choose, they will offer their strength to your tiling structure. However, if you wish to have a longer shelf life of your tiles and grouts, you need to have regular maintenance of the same.

As mentioned earlier, cementitious grout is prone to attract dirt. Hence, once in a year or two, these grouts demand to seal with a strong permeable sealer. This not only prevents them from absorbing dirt but also makes them waterproof.

Epoxy grouts tend to get stained very often. You can scrub them with solutions of water + bleach or water + vinegar to get them off. However, if you’re too busy to work on them, you can call Toolboys, one of the excellent tiles grout cleaning services in Dubai.

Furan grouts are not layman’s job but must be managed by the masonry professionals only. This is because of the chemicals used in this grout which should be carefully handled to avoid accidents.

Toolboys are those professionals who come with multiple working abilities like Handyman in Dubai , Electrician , Plumber , Tiles Experts for Dubai infrastructures. From new tiles settings to tiles grout cleaning services, fixing cracked tiles, offering an alternative to tiles in bathroom walls, tile grouting, changing tile grouts, remodelling tiles and many other services are provided by our masons.

Toolboys masonry professionals offer round the clock services for all kinds of infrastructures in Dubai. Call today to book us!

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