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While some of us can manage small electrical works by ourselves, the major issues definitely require professional attention. And, if you’re thinking to wire your property entirely, whether new or old, then there is no way one can manage it without a qualified team of electricians. Also, don’t forget the hazards associated with the electrical items when But it is hard to find professional electricians in Dubai when you actually need one for your emergencies.

So for all your electrical works in Dubai, Toolboys Electrical crew is at your service. Hire a proficient handyman quickly for cheap and affordable electrician works. Our technicians are just a call away to get to your location and help you with all kinds of electrical works.

Get the Toolboys Electrician Services in Dubai

Toolboys stands among the leading electrical maintenance companies in Dubai, who are utter professionals in what they do. They are a licensed business who hosts a team of experienced electricians and technicians. All our new staffs are offered with basic and high-level training of most used electrical gadgets. Obtaining our electrical services in Dubai is absolutely easy. Clients can either call us on our Toll-free number or can Email or WhatsApp us with detailed services they need to get done. Accordingly, we prepare our electrician team with required tools and other items that are required to complete their service and send them to the provided location. For emergency services, we have a standby team, who are just a phone call away. So drop all your worries and stop procrastinating- Call Toolboys electricians services in Dubai today!

Our Various Electrical Works in Dubai

We cater to a wide range of electrical services which include:

Product Installation:

If you’re looking for the installation of newly bought appliances, Toolboys’ professional electricians in Dubai should be your apt choice. Our crew members are trained in installing various kinds of electrical product installation like Lighting systems, Geyser, Fans, Intercom, Motor Pump, Window ACs, Split ACs, Door Bells, Inverters, Stand AC, Coolers, Security Camera, Fire Alarms, Powerpoints, Solar panels, Computer networking, Meter Box and all such related works.

renovation electrical works Renovation:

You don’t need to wait until an electrical product gets totally damaged before replacing it. This is because if you’re experiencing a fault in the product, chances of it producing electric shocks or sometimes even damaging the entire electric wiring of property or part of the property, are high. Hence, timely renovation or replacement of products is necessary for the safety of everyone inside any infrastructure. Toolboys electrical maintenance company in Dubai offers all kinds of renovation services in different infrastructures. Our primary restoration services include restoring Switchboards, entire Lighting systems, and rewiring. But if our clients have other specifics they prefer to get it done, we are open to hearing them out.

electrical product repair services Product Repairing:

Many electrician service providers in Dubai try and avoid repairing products for the hassles and ambiguity they pose during the process. Hence, they either suggest replacement of that product or charge higher prices to get the job done. But with Toolboys handyman team you don’t have to worry about any such unpleasant experiences. Our staffs come acquainted in managing different kinds of faults and repairing a variety of products as per the client’s need. We often provide all the equipment required for the repairing works. However, if there is something unavailable, our technicians get it as per the product and brand requirements and fix it for you.

electrical upgradation worksUpgradation:

The current electric products come with high energy requirements. These requirements cannot be often catered to with the old-fashioned switchboards and fuses. The boards either damage your modern-day gadgets or could even burn themselves out causing havoc to the entire property. Hence, it is better to take the timely upgradation services of our professional electricians’ crew in Dubai and upgrade your Switchboards, fuses and Mains capacity.

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Services Depending on the Infrastructure

We have immense experience working through such massive projects which we complete on time and accurately. Apart from installing products and wiring, we also offer timely maintenance and servicing works. This way, we ensure that the products last long and do not require frequent replacement.

Toolboys expert electricians cater to all kinds of electrical services in Dubai various infrastructures. These include:

Commercial Electric Services:

We take up bulk work as well. Electric wiring to commercial complexes like malls, hospitals, schools and all such buildings is a piece of cake for our team. Our other bulk electrical services in Dubai include designing, installation and also maintenance of the electric products in the buildings.

Residential Electric Services:

Our handyman crew are apt to work with new home wiring, lighting, home appliances, and repairing works. You can call us according to your timings and get your services done. All small works or any big issues that might pose hazardous to your home will be taken care of by our cheap and affordable electricians’ crew.

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