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    Tiling your floors and walls is an essential need while also being a glamorous quotient. It has got its own advantages like it doesn’t absorb dust, provides smooth finishing to the home, easy to clean them, water from kitchen and bathroom can be cleaned effortlessly, durable for a more extended period, less maintenance and such. But of course, everything requires installation, sometimes repairs and other times replacements too. And Tiles are no different!

    Hence, Toolboys handyman crew come acquainted with all such services to make our clients’ life easier. From tile fixing in Dubai to wooden floor polishing, repairs and all such tiles associated works will be catered to by Toolboys. Catch up with Toolboys- the best tile fixing company in Dubai to get your services done today!

    Toolboys Wide- Range of Tiling Services

    Toolboys are known throughout Dubai for offering wide-range of top-class tile services for both residential and commercial infrastructures. These include:

    Indoor Tiling:

    Indoor tiling constitutes of installation of tiles in various parts of the house or building.

    floor tiling works Floor tiling:

    Floor tiling is one of the common tiling services required everywhere. Toolboys crew make suitable subfloor composition before placing the tiles to avoid discharge of water, tile damages or cracks. This simply ensures endurability of the tiles for a longer duration of time. Floor tiling service covers the entire home as well as commercial infrastructures from living rooms to bedrooms, kitchen, halls and every such room. Along with this, we offer the best of the floor tiles installation prices in Dubai so that our services are reached to a wider client base.

    kitchen tiling works Kitchen tiling:

    Kitchen requires both floor tiling as well as wall tiling to some extent. Along with these, there is (stone/granite) worktop induction also. The wall tiling in the kitchen is done at the sides of the worktops and kitchen basins to avoid spillage of water, oil and food particles on to the wall. It is easier to clean when these items accidentally fall on tiles instead. Hence, the walls in the kitchen are strategically tiled to maintain the longevity of walls, wall paints, and overall room presentation. Toolboys crew understands all these aspects and put effort into the tile and design your kitchen accordingly.

    Bathroom tiling works in dubai Bathroom tiling:

    Just like the kitchen, bathroom walls also require tiling due to the presence of water. With tiles covering half-length of the bathroom walls, those walls remain resistant to the damage that could have otherwise caused by a continuous waterfall. Also, the moisture from the air won’t seep into the walls and keep them durable for a longer period. Our handyman team takes care of all measures to make perfect grouting between the tiles to avoid cracks, or water entering the tiles to reach walls and damage them.

    pier and facade tiling works Facade and pier tiling:

    Tiling of facade and pier has been a trend for a while now. This provides the entire structure with a classy look. Toolboys offer clients with various designs and patterns to beautify their property. According to the designs picked by clients, our crew gathers up materials and tiles from Dubai, which are required to proceed with the work. We assure you professional-level works crafted and done to the contentment of clients.

    Various tile installation works in DubaiVarious kinds of tiles installation in Dubai:

    We cater to different kinds of tiles installation in Dubai like Ceramic, Natural Stones, Glass tiles, Mosaic, Quarry tiles, Porcelain, Cork tiles, Laminate tiles, Slate tiles, Marble, Granites, Limestone tiles, Travertine, Metal tiles, Resin tiles and much more.We are familiar with a vast network of tile suppliers in Dubai who provide excellent-quality tiles of different kinds for our works.

    Other Toolboys Tiling Services

    Toolboys cater to plenty of other tiling services that help clients maintain their overall infrastructures. These include:


    Tiles tend to lose their lustre and overall charm when used without maintenance. But once in while maintenance can retain the look and allure of the tiles. This ensures longer usage of tiles without having to repair or reinstall them. Hence, proving it to be cost-effective as well. For all such works, Toolboys is an excellent floor maintenance company in Dubai who offer adept handymen along with accurate tools to get the job done on time! Our handymen clean the tiles with appropriate solutions to remove stains of a food particle, drinks, hard water, soap etc to avail the clients with the bright look similar to that of newly installed tiles.


    Floor tiles prices in Dubai vary tremendously and sometimes are high as well. Hence, replacement of tiles of infrastructures every now and then is challenging as well as not financially feasible too. But you can still improve the conditions of existing tiles by polishing them. Then again, it’s not an easy task to be handled by laymen. Hence, we make it our responsibility for providing professional marble polishing services in Dubai through our skilled handymen. All kinds of stone tiles and wooden floor polishing services are carried out by us. Give us a call now!

    Tile repair works:

    At times a portion of tile floor or facade tends to break. This could happen accidentally when a heavy object falls on the floor, or when the cementing work is not done correctly in facade tiles and such similar reasons. In these cases, it is better to replace one or two tiles which have been damaged instead or retiling the whole room or facade. Hence, our Toolboys check out your requirements and try their best to bring in matching tiles to repair and restore the damaged parts of your tiling block. Our floor tile repair works also include ceramic tile crack repair, granite tile repair, broken bathroom floor tile repair, kitchen worktops and tiles replacement and much more.

    Retiling works:

    Toolboys offer quick retiling services to entire structures. The floor tiles, bathroom tiles, pier tiles, etc. tend to get worn out due to over-usage. Some clients in an attempt to redecorate their buildings, they wish even to replace their tiles as well. For all retiling services, Toolboys crew is the best tile fixing company in Dubai you will find!

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